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"Far from predictable, Rebecca's books offered lots of surprises. I can't wait to read more by this author."

Rebecca's BOOKS

Are you searching for Salvation or Solving Crimes

Rebecca's novels introduce the reader to a psychic technique called controlled remote viewing, developed in the 1970s by the CIA when the agency suspected that the Soviet Union was conducting psychic spying on the United States.  The US Army and the CIA utilized Stargate until the end of the Cold War when the US Government declassified it. Today, remote viewers help law enforcement agencies and individuals locate missing persons and solve cold cases. 



40 Days of Praise

A Penny Larkin Paranormal Thriller

The Middle Eye



When El Paso County Sheriff Leo Tellez hires Penny Larkin, a remote viewer, to find a kidnapped 11-year-old Rosa Garcia, Penny soon realizes she may be hunting for a sexual predator and memories of a rape attempt as a teenager block her ability to view where the kidnapper is holding Rosa. The Middle Eye is available directly from the author, or on Kindle. Please click here to purchase it.


Devil Eye          



Penny Larkin is hired by the US Marshals Service to track down low level gun trafficker Juan Rico and finds herself part of the weapons cargo on its way to Mexico.


Devil Eye is currently available directly from the author or on Amazon Kindlee. Please click below to purchase it. 

If you have been longing for more joy, why not begin by elevating your prayer life?  God can use 40 days to challenge you, heal you, and prepare you for His eternal Presence. 40 Days of Praise will inspire you to begin one of the most important journeys of your life. This small but powerful guidebook includes 40 prayers to help launch your remarkable voyage of discovery, as you learn more about why Jesus taught His Disciples to pray the Lord's Prayer, and why He expects you to do the same.

40 Days of Praise is available in paperback from the author, and at Amazon or Barnes and Noble in paperback or ebook.

A Penny Larkin Paranormal Thriller

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