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Rebecca Jean Downey has been a creative writer and author for many years. She published her first thriller, The Middle Eye, in 2013 and was one of the first writers to expose the travesty of child trafficking. Her second novel, Devil Eye, published in 2014, explores the world of gun trafficking on the U.S.-Mexico border. Rebecca's third novel, Unbridled Eye is still under development, and explores the Mexican Drug Cartel's infiltration into America's beloved horse racing industry.


Like so many people, in recent years, Rebecca has longed for a more personal relationship with God to help her understand the brutality of one human being to another. Her prayer life used to consist of anxious pleas to the Father in the Name of Jesus Christ. But after Rebecca prayed, she never stayed around for the answers, figuring the Lord wanted her to find her own way out of her problems.



Three years ago, Rebecca began studying the Psalms and reading about the life of David. She wanted to find out what was so special about David, that God would choose David's bloodline as the ancestral line of Jesus. 

In 2017 Rebecca formed a prayer group on Facebook called, Prayers for a Heart Like David's. 

40 Days of Praise is an result of praying from verses of the Psalms, with and for her friends every morning. During that time, she has learned more about how Jesus wants us to communicate with His Father through what we know as The Lord's Prayer. She also suggests ways that we can improve our chances having a meaningful conversation with God.

You can link to Prayers for a Heart Like David's by clicking the title or search for the butterfly at the top of this page.

Introducing Rebecca's New Book: 40 Days of Praise

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Rebecca's descriptions of locations were so specific it was like watching a movie. Who will play Penny and who will play Leo in the Hollywood version?  



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